Can Sildenafil be dangerous?

Widely advertised medication Sildenafil citrate from Pfizer Inc., which is known to almost all as Sildenafil is successfully used by many for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Thanks to its wide use, the medical specialists accumulated a huge clinical experience, so now we know about all pitfalls of its application - the side effects of the drug.

No one would argue with the fact that Sildenafil helps to solve real problems with potency within short period of time. And, certainly, such strong medication has side effects. Unfortunately, looking for solution men hurry and neglect contraindications. The side effects are not always considered men. However, all should know that rather serious reactions are possible after use of Sildenafil. The list of contraindications includes:

  • Myeloma
  • Bleeding and stomach ulcer
  • Other medication for treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Medications containing nitrates
  • Medication for treatment of diseases in penile sphere
  • Allergic reactions to any component of the formulation.

We must also remember that Sildenafil deteriorates the quality of sperm and its fertilizing capacity, which can lead to infertility. However, this happens only when Sildenafil is taken without control.

A large number of positive reviews brought to the situation when men started ordering Sildenafil for recreational use ignoring the potential side effects of medication and its impact upon intimate sphere. They love the fact that sexual life becomes active and start taking Sildenafil for that. Large amounts of Sildenafil can be dangerous. This can lead to severe psychological and physiological dependence on Sildenafil. A person is not able to perform sexual intercourse without the drug. There are healthier methods to enhance sexual life and men should resort to them instead. The list includes exercises, natural remedies, better lifestyle, specially developed diet and refusal from cigarettes and alcohol.

It can be dangerous to take Sildenafil without prescription for all people but some groups of patients become more vulnerable than the rest. They include:

  • Patients who experienced stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease, heart failure. Improved erection can bring to more durable and intense sexual intercourse and this can be dangerous for the organism of such patients. It can turn out a big stress for them and lead to heart failure, and even to cardiac arrest. For this reason, men with heart diseases should always contact doctors on such issues, especially, on intake of PDE-5 inhibitors. Cardiologist can give all necessary recommendations on safe treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • People with blood vessel problems should be very careful with Sildenafil. The same is referred to patients who take other appointment drugs that can be contraindicated to Sildenafil, such as nitrates (sodium nitroprusside, for instance) or molsidomin that contributes to formation of nitric oxide and etc. The combination of these drugs with Sildenafil can lead to negative consequences associated with the accumulation of their vasodilator effect. Sildenafil is contraindicated in men suffering from eye diseases such as degeneration of the retina (macular degeneration), retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure). Intake of Sildenafil in such patients can lead to vision loss. All men with eye diseases should consult an ophthalmologist before taking Sildenafil.
  • Men with gastric ulcer should take Sildenafil with great caution and only after consultation with a doctor. The same refers to any conditions with a tendency for bleeding. People on dialysis and those with decline of blood clotting level should be cautious. Influence of Sildenafil increases the risk of bleeding in the tissues.
  • Other risk group include patients who suffer from leukemia, sickle-cell anemia, and malignant diseases of the bone marrow as Sildenafil may cause prolonged erection. It remains for a few hours and can be removed with medical assistance only.
  • Sildenafil is not recommended to persons suffering from severe asthma, as its administration can trigger an asthma attack and development of respiratory failure. Men with asthma should consult the doctor to determine the right treatment.
  • Individuals suffering from polyvalent allergy, sensitivity to Sildenafil or one of its components can have severe allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock.

All this information was provided for you not to frighten you. It does not mean that Sildenafil is dangerous. It is an excellent remedy that should be used with knowledge. Never take any medicine without doctor's prescription or it can bring to serious consequences. Why do you think they are so crazy rumors about Sildenafil? People who avoided doctors are to blame for it. And terrible consequences occur in such careless patients, as a rule. They want to obtain the joy of intimacy without a doctor, but can't predict how the body will respond to it.