Daily Horoscope

Dana Gioia’s first volume of poetry, Daily Horoscope was published by Graywolf in 1986.

Praise for Daily Horoscope:

“If there’s a turn now toward a more traditional poetry … then Gioia’s in the vanguard. If not, then he must seem even more singular, an original. In either case, his work—in which dream and reality keep intersecting most beautifully—has to count simply by being so very good.”

—Donald Justice

“Daily Horoscope is a stunning first book … Gioia is a master of forms. He experiments with old ones, and in a few instances has taken to inventing new ones.”

—Robert Phillips, Arrival

“Page for page, seldom has a first collection offered so many aesthetically, psychologically, and philosophically satisfying poems.”

—Ray Olson, Booklist

“Daily Horoscope, in the finest sense, represents the perfect synthesis of maker and object made. It would be specious to praise this volume as a first book. Gioia has given us a book that is more accomplished than recent publications by many more celebrated practitioners.”

—Robert McDowell, The Hudson Review

“Here we have a truly exceptional poet. In his mid-thirties, Dana Gioia can be compared to Wallace Stevens and not be routed by the comparison.”

—Raymond Nelson, Virginia Quarterly Review